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338 bpm

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Make a donation and watch our 'Mo grow, hail, rain or shine.

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Matt Mooney

Who's your MoSpiration?

I've always wanted to grow a Mo and I really like the fact that we're really making a difference for Men's Health.

What pieces of food are you looking forward to getting stuck in your moustache?

Chocolate Milkshake and McDonald's Sweet & Sour Sauce. Not at the same time though.

Who's your moustache idol?

J. Jonah Jameson from the Daily Bugle

How are your friends and family taking the news that you're growing a moustache?

My biggest one is my girlfriend because Jan has only ever known me with a beard so I might look like I'm 14 and be single like when I was 14 on November 2nd.

Have you got any important events coming up that you'll be showcasing your MO at?

My week of annual leave when my girlfriend has lots of time to be seen in public with me, particularly 2 nights to a swanky Spa in Cork where I'm considering rockin a pair of Speedos and my Mo.




The Mo Story so far


About Coremo

Our building is growing a 'Mo' for Movember

To raise money for Movember, Core Media are proud to present the world's first giant moustache installation. It's the first time a building has grown hair, powered by the internet and the generosity of Movember supporters. Every time our Core Media 'Mo Bros' receive an online donation, our giant ginger whiskers grow another couple of millimetres.

The 3.5 metre-wide moustache is mounted to the top floor of our building. You can watch it grow on the live video Mo-Feed on the screens inside our reception area!


Movember is a charity raising awareness and support for men's health. All of the money raised will support Movember and the Irish Cancer Society.


With huge thanks to our supporters who helped to make this massive Mo happen: Gillette, PML, Eclipse Media, D Light, H Shiels, Magahy Broderick Associates, EML Construction, Carew Kelly Architects and Movember.

CoreMo has grown to it's full length, so donations are done for this year.
Find out how you can support Movember in 2014.